Verto is an innovative platform for safe and efficient document exchange, which ensures saving company resources. The solution significantly improves, i.e., completely replaces, the processes of printing, signing, scanning, storage, sending, and overall document management.


Annually, public and private institutions in Serbia print between one and five million documents. The average retail chain produces two and a half million documents a year, with the cost of printing alone being €150,000.



Important Announcement

Due to the current global situation facing our society as a whole, we are proud to be in a position to support at least one part of the economy exposed to all the negative effects of movement restrictions that affect the physical distribution of important documents.

For this reason, we have decided that, in the upcoming period, the full functionality of Verto platform will be completely free for all users.

Registration on the platform, with an unlimited number of users per company, along with the use of all currently available functionalities, without limitation on the number of sent and received documents, as well as all customer support, are completely free for all users of the platform, until further notice.

Users who, after the termination of a measure of completely free use of the platform, for any reason do not want to continue, will be able at any time, and without any consequences and obligations, to stop using the service.


Cost reduction

Annually, the costs of spent materials, printing, and sending documentation among the subjects, reach a substantial amount of money.

Time savings

Manual signature or delivery confirmation usually takes a few days. Electronic delivery confirmation and signature are prompt, measured in minutes.

Improved Service and Control

Within the system, users can see and control the overall process of sending and signing documents. The system displays document status and status change records for each transaction, making the process completely transparent.

Solution Implementation Areas


Financial institutions and insurance companies


Healthcare, pharmaceutical industry


Transport and distribution systems


Services within companies and institutions

Verto Solution


Simplicity of Use

  • No need to install the application
  • Transactions and communication in a few simple steps
  • Does not require time
  • Quick registration and instant document exchange


  • Scalability of the number of users
  • Scalability of the amount of documents
  • High integration possibilities
  • Possibility to change the plan according to user needs


  • Encrypted communication
  • Unique electronic signatures in each transaction
  • Data protected with public and private keys
  • Absolutely safe exchange and acknowledgement of receipt