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Welcome to Verto customer support. We would be happy to help if you need additional information or have any questions about the Verto platform. We also prepared a series of video tutorials, which explain the functionalities within the platform, bringing you closer to its features and benefits of using it. If you still have any doubts, you can ask us a question by simply filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register on Verto platform?

To register a company on Verto platform, it is necessary for the company’s legal representative to enter company’s basic information listed on the registration form, as well as to use the electronic representative’s certificate before clicking the Register button, to verify the legal representative’s identity from the computer from which the registration is performed. By registering and opening a company’s user account, the company’s legal representative automatically becomes the company’s account administrator, and has the authority to create user accounts for all or certain employees, in accordance with business needs, so that they can exchange documents independently. The legal representative can then assign an administrator role to one of the newly created accounts.

Why is the registration done by the company’s legal representative?

It is necessary for the legal representative to register the company on Verto platform in order to verify the identity of the legal representative. The use of an electronic certificate of the company’s legal representative during registration is necessary in order to compare the data registered in Serbian Business Registers Agency. In this way, the identity of the person who registers the company, i.e., the legal representative, is confirmed, and the possibility of abuse of the system is prevented, as well as the registration of companies by an unauthorized person.

Which certificates are supported when registering on Verto platform?

Verto platform supports all valid electronic certificates, such as certificates issued by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (SCC), the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia (MUP), the Public Company “POŠTA SRBIJE”, the company Halcom a.d. Belgrade, and “E-Smart Systems” Ltd. Belgrade.

Which browser do I have to use when registering?

Verto platform can be used from any browser. However, during the registration process, we recommend users of the certificate of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to register and form accesses from the Chrome browser, while users of the certificate of the company Halcom a.d. Belgrade should register from the Internet Explorer search, so that they can log in without hindrance.

Is an electronic certificate required to perform all actions within the Verto platform?

No, an electronic certificate is required only during the initial registration of companies on Verto platform. After the opening of the projects, the companies accessed the applications and the work on the same location does not require users’ electronic certificate.

What type of account should I choose when registering?

There are two types of accounts, i.e., two types of users – only the Recipient, and the Sender and the Recipient at the same time. When registering, it is possible to choose one of two types of users, i.e., accounts. If during the registration the company’s legal representative chooses the type of order where both the Sender and the Recipient are at the same time, all user accounts opened within the company’s account will have the possibility to send and receive shipments. On the other hand, if during registration the company’s legal representative chooses the type of account with only the Recipient, all user accounts opened within the company’s account will only be able to receive shipments, but not to send them. Switching from one type of account to another, after the registration, is possible at any time.

Can Verto platform be integrated into other systems?

Yes, Verto platform can be integrated into the external systems. The required documentation is available on request.

What is an electronic time stamp?

The electronic time stamp officially attached the time to the data in electronic form, which confirms that this data existed at that time. The electronic time stamp confirms the identity of the signature, as well as the exact date and time when the document was signed. Specifically, the electronic time stamp allows us to know at all times what is happening with the document within the Verto platform and guarantees its immutability in the system, from the moment of sending to the moment of delivery. The electronic time stamp, used by Verto platform, is aligned with the official time of Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals.

What is a server signature?

At this point, Verto platform allows each document sent over the platform to be electronically signed, if requested by the sender. The document is signed on the server, and the document is not transferred to the user’s computer. At the moment, a platform certificate is used for the signature. The user initiates the signing action, and the system includes information about the user who signed the document in the signature itself. When the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry completes the certification process for electronic signatures in the cloud, each user of the Verto platform will be awarded a personal certificate on the protected servers of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, that they will be able to use for electronic signing. The electronic signature itself provides users with information on the time and manner of signing the document by Verto platform.

What do I need to be able to see additional information on the server signature?

To sign server information in a visible way, you need to download the document to your computer and open Adobe Acrobat Reader, which allows you to use the Internet site on the Internet for free.

What is a Change History?

The audit trail is a PDF document that contains all the information related to the actions taken in relation to a particular request. This document contains information such as the specific name of the action, the IP address from which the action was performed, the exact date and time of the action, as well as the email address of the user who performed the action. The user of the platform can generate a Change History at any time, during which the document will display real-time data, i.e., data showing up to the last action recorded in the logs, until the start of the document generation. Thanks to this document, the user can get detailed information about the status of the request at any time. As this document is electronically signed by the platform, it can also be used for evidentiary purposes.

Is the system safe?

Yes, the Verto system is a secure system for exchanging documents and confirming delivery. All communication is encrypted, and all data is protected by public and private keys. Data integrity is guaranteed by the official electronic time stamp and Change History. The right to access data exchanged within the platform is minimized.

Is the system in accordance with the law?

During the development of the Verto platform, we were guided and aligned with the provisions of the Law on Electronic Document, Electronic Identification, and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions (“The Official Gazette of RS”, No. 94/2017), and European Union regulations, such as Regulation (EU) no. 910/2014 of the European Parliament, as well as the Council from 23.07.2014. on electronic identification and trusted services for electronic transactions in the internal market, repealing Directive 1999/93/EC. Verto platform is harmonized with the said Law to the extent that the area regulated by the Law on Electronic Document, Electronic Identification, and Trust Services in Electronic Transactions is further regulated, elaborated, and adjusted by bylaws. As the area of ​​electronic document, electronic identification, and trust services in e-business, is subject to harmonization with bylaws, we monitor laws, bylaws, and trends, and align the platform. Verto platform is harmonized with the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia (“The Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 87/2018).

Do all users and system administrators have insight into the content of documents sent through the platform?

No, no one except the Sender and the Recipient, the party who is in a direct relationship, has insight into the content of the document being exchanged. All communication within the platform is encrypted, and all data is protected by users and private keys that guarantee the reliability of the contents of requests.

Can someone change the content of a document that is across the platform before it reaches the recipient?

No, the content of the document cannot be changed on Verto platform. The platform is designed so that the document cannot be downloaded from Verto platform, until all the steps expected from the Recipient are completed. Until the request reaches the status Completed, the document can only be reviewed, i.e., previewed again, exclusively by the person with whom the Sender is in a direct relationship, without the possibility of changing or downloading it to the computer.

How will I know that my request has arrived via Verto platform?

In addition to the ability to track all requests and their statuses within the platform’s control table, Verto platform, for each action that will be performed within the system, such as sending and receiving shipments, selecting and rejecting shipments or signing shipments, sends an email notification to the Sender and the Recipient. In this way, both parties are informed about the status of individual requests, even if they were not logged in to the Verto application at that time.

Who can see my user account/address on Verto platform?

The user has the option to choose one of the two options on Verto platform – to have his user account/address on Verto platform visible to all registered users of the platform (availability level – public), or to have his user account/address on Verto platform visible only to those platform users with whom he is in direct, business contact (availability level – controlled.

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